About Iconic Elements Inc.

330 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge, Ontario, N1T 1A9

Welcome to Iconic Elements Inc.

Iconic Elements Inc. is a privately-held company founded in Woodstock Ontario in 2004. Now situated in Cambridge Ontario, we have a clear vision to establish and grow through industry-transforming customer service, R&D, new product development and established dealer networks.

Iconic has vastly expanded from a single contract manufacturing division that served small to medium enterprises in a wide range of industries. Now, Iconic has broken into several niche markets such as high quality aluminum truck and transport accessories, custom garage cabinetry, as well as decorative and structural architectural products.

The Iconic Team

The masterminds behind our outstanding companies and the iconic products they produce.

Jason Hardy

Jason Hardy combines vast experience in metal fabrication and his engineering prowess to deliver products and solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Converting years of metal fabrication experience into insights, he thrives on turning complex customer requests into innovative finished products.

As a specialist in providing design solutions, Jason employs the latest in technology, equipment and manufacturing methods to offer customers a one-stop shop for everything from “one off” prototyping to high volume quality contract manufacturing.

Jamie Podovinnikoff

A relentless entrepreneur, Jamie Podovinnikoff’s vision fuels the unique growth of Iconic Elements. Drawing on 14 years of sales and marketing experience managing global accounts for Gillette/Proctor&Gamble, Jamie launched a garage renovation company in 2007.

The design and construction of custom dream garages for discerning customers led Jamie to seek a partner capable of conceiving, designing and building high-end custom metal cabinets and other architectural products. Working with Jason Hardy on several projects led to a partnership that continues to expand on its mission of transforming metal.

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